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October 17th 2015, 09:30 h, compiled by the Regional Delegation of American Red Cross for Latin America.   

This report presents the situational report of the effects that have caused the earthquake at the to the southeast of Salta, Argentina.  


Being 11:33:07 (UTC) was an earthquake of 5.9 Magnitude, 8.2 km of depth according to USGS:


  1. 21km (13mi) E of El Galpon, Argentina
  2. 39km (24mi) WSW of El Quebrachal, Argentina
  3. 44km (27mi) SW of Joaquin V. Gonzalez, Argentina
  4. 120km (75mi) SE of Salta, Argentina
  5. 684km (425mi) W of Asuncion, Paraguay


The intendant, Hector Romero, local press statements wing. He added that "the hospital has collapsed" and that "he is not giving coarse" by the number of wounded. "The situation is chaotic" in the shed, where "there is no water or electricity and many buildings are to fail."

The earthquake of 5.9 ° killed a woman of 90 years, as confirmed by the mayor of the town said Hector Romero, and falling roofs and walls. In addition, there is significant damage No. 4086, Magdalena Guemes de Tejada school.

Civil Defense sources warned that given the magnitude of the earthquake could be aftershocks, so they warned the need to be alert. And, they confirmed that, if necessary, available protocols will evacuation.

Firemen, Civil Defense and local and provincial police is on land (or moving) for initial response tasks.


The Red Cross Argentina has initiated emergency assessment, forming a Local COE and maintaining contact with authorities of Civil Defense. When the emergency is contained and is giving an appropriate response by Police, Fire and Civil Defense.

Likewise Headquarters has ordered the start of a red alert, according to the National Response Plan Red Cross Argentina, and is monitoring the situation, in addition to coordinating with the subsidiary Salta. And there is no readiness of equipment and trained personnel to be moved in if necessary. The beginning of this alertness simply implies a broad monitoring of the situation, but no specific response action at the moment.

The National Society has prepared a report DMIS mentioning that when you have 20 injured, one dead and an estimated 5,000 affected.

American Red Cross through its Regional Representative remains in constant monitoring.

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