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Costa Rica is hosting the Course Leadership Skills Development

With the finance and technical support of the American Red Cross

During two weeks, sixty (60) Red Cross members from different countries of Latin America have met in Costa Rica to participate of the Course Leadership Skills Development (DHL in Spanish), as an initiative to form leaders with high professional and personal skills that are at the service of the Red Cross.

This formation process will develop in two different groups, and the last Wednesday (22nd) began the first DHL Course, that will last one week and have the participation of representatives from Costa Rica, Peru, Honduras, El Salvador y Panama. In addition, there is a collegial group of facilitators from different National Societies as Costa Rica, Colombia and Peru, among others.

The DHL Course is a methodology that addresses basic concepts of a leader and its characteristics, encourages the acceptance and addressing of human skills of each participant, giving security and confidence to believe on their work and take them to more people.   

For the International Movement of Red Cross, having qualified personnel is an important value added in various humanitarian and social tasks that are implemented in each country according to the context.

“We need Red Cross members with gills that have the value to innovate and do not give up, because they have the enormous task to continue giving humanity and peace, as it has done for more than 150 years” explained Miguel Carmona, National President of the Red Cross in Costa Rica.

In 2012, was the first pilot project to implement the course by initiative of the American Red Cross Office, and along these years the formative process has matured with success and has been trained 270 people, in both regions, Central America and South America.

This week began the process N° 10 and next Wednesday (29th) begins the process 11° (with participation of Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama), expecting to have 60 new more Red Cross members with DHL.

Within the organizers and facilitators is Dr. Roberto Brito de la Cuesta, Regional Representative of American Red Cross for Latin America and The Caribbean, who also was the driver of DHL Centuary XXI, with the participation of Dr. Richard Ivan Urrutia Cordoba, Breyner Mora and Leonardo Bonilla.     

“We want that people make its own change, accepting themselves as they are and finalizing the course with a different vision. In this training does not matter the professional grade or range, all participants have an equal treatment and live the experience in a personal way, giving a contribution to the Red Cross that they represent”, commented Brito.

At the opening ceremony of DHL Course N° 10, the American Red Cross awarded the Excellence to a series of facilitators that have been contributing with valuable ideas and skills in different countries.


Taken from the press of Costa Rican Red Cross CP-112-2015 

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